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Echt Erfahrener
Echt Erfahrener

Anzahl der Beiträge : 50
Alter : 45
Ort : never never land
Anmeldedatum : 10.03.08

BeitragThema: Empty   Di Jun 03 2008, 22:57

Empty is what I feel today
With a few words said oh so quick
My life, my love just went away
And it just made me sick.

Just like that, so many tears
I feel like there is a great big hole
Where my heart was for a few years
A heart that you stole.

We move on, we accept
We don´t understand it at all
But onwards we march and not get trapped in the net
Or it will take its toll.

So impersonal, so confusing
This emptiness is left inside
And in the end we are all losing
We have nothing left to hide.

You losing love and child
Me losing man and love
She is losing her only daddy
But through tech. we can raise above.

As I said an empty feeling
One day I hope will be filled
Our love did give us a wonderful thing
Love from us both we spilled.

I will treasure her for all my days
She lights up my life
I hope you try and fix your ways
And get out of this strife.

I don´t regret what we had
It was a one of a kind
It´s just that it´s ended which is oh so sad
I never thought it could happen in my mind.

I want you to feel what life can give
It´s so short on this earth that we live
Time heals all wounds they say
And every day will be a brighter day.

Don´t lose faith!!

You will always have a special place in my heart that noone else will be ever able to fill.

There is always sunshine after a storm
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Mother of SES

Anzahl der Beiträge : 598
Alter : 43
Ort : Toon Town
Anmeldedatum : 08.02.08

BeitragThema: Re: Empty   Mi Jun 04 2008, 15:56

Oh no... I forgot the date, as I was ill yesterday...

Please stay as strong as you are - it's remarkable how you care about him in a situation which must be so damned hard for YOU...

"Viiiiiel Glück zum Nichtgeburtstag!"
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Mrs. Sputtelkopp
Mrs. Sputtelkopp

Anzahl der Beiträge : 211
Ort : Mallorca
Anmeldedatum : 14.02.08

BeitragThema: Re: Empty   Do Jun 05 2008, 20:13

Dear Rainbow,
I wish you all the best for the future!
Take care and visit us sometimes, if possible.

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BeitragThema: Re: Empty   

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