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 Termin 3 Juni

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Alter : 45
Ort : never never land
Anmeldedatum : 10.03.08

BeitragThema: Termin 3 Juni   Di Apr 22 2008, 21:43

Today it finally arrived
The dreaded paper black and white
The letter that will change our lives
Once I read it there was no more light.

It´s been discussed, it´s been decided
No more hope for us it seems
It´s now official I can´t hide from it
The tears flow in endless streams.

What shall I do, what can I do?
I knew it would come, but hoping not
Nothing he says, we must follow through
Now we have lost the lot.

The timing of it all is sad
Four days before our anniversary
This has all turned out so bad
Now he is my adversary.

Now do you realise what has been done
It is too late to make amends
But sometimes you say we´ll see what will come
But waiting for you to decide I cannot spend.

So now is the time to say loves flown away
You made your choice, you can now be joyful
Soon after our sunshines happy day
We will be gone and some will be sorrowful.

Australia awaits with a new start
We wanted to go all together
But now sunshine and I from you will part
And down under will find again joy forever.

There is always sunshine after a storm
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Termin 3 Juni
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