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Echt Erfahrener
Echt Erfahrener

Anzahl der Beiträge : 50
Alter : 44
Ort : never never land
Anmeldedatum : 10.03.08

BeitragThema: Finally   Mo Apr 14 2008, 21:44

What a relief!!!
I have some more belief
That I can make it through this hell
And hear the wonderful tolling bell.

For days and days have I cried
Tears I could no longer hide
Friends and family were there
To point me in this direction here.

At last I can see the light
The dawn and how oh so bright
My days are not so cloudy now
It hit me like a bolt, pow!

I made a choice today it seems
To walk away from my initial dreams
It´s him that has to walk the line
I am not standing waiting or to pine.

My darling love is gone, it´s a fact
I don´t have to like it but that is that
I put him in the past behind me
I have to or I will end up with no glee.

Sad and unhappy I will not be
My life is worth more to me
The life I have and the little life we made
This is what Heaven gave!!

So this is how it ends
I know we most likely will not mend
Face the truth and you will see
I can live without him and live in harmony!

There is always sunshine after a storm
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Anzahl der Beiträge : 343
Alter : 45
Ort : Beasty Paradise
Anmeldedatum : 11.02.08

BeitragThema: Re: Finally   Di Apr 15 2008, 00:48

You`re right :

Zitat :
The life I have and the little life we made
This is what Heaven gave!!

Find to yourself.
Build up a world with happyness and fill the life of your 'sweetone' with colours and love.

No relationship- in the hole wild world - can show you the smile of a satisfied child.

You think you walk through the hell???

I've been there before.......

It's hot......but ev'ry entry got his exit.

Hope, you'll understand me.
My english is........I have to learn a lot! Wink

Ich bin nur verantwortlich für das, was ich schreibe.
Nicht für das, was DU verstehst!
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Feuriger Fortgeschrittener
Feuriger Fortgeschrittener

Anzahl der Beiträge : 30
Anmeldedatum : 18.02.08

BeitragThema: Re: Finally   Di Apr 15 2008, 16:27

And another mum, living with her daughter but not with the father of her says:

Sure, it's hard to loose the love of your life an sure it's unfair having to live the life in another way as it was planned. Sure it is hard to bring up your child of you own and sure all the wounds will take time to heal,

but even if it sometimes seems to be, this is not the end of the world! There will be happiness and wonderful days after this dark night. And your daughter will be with you all the time, beeing sweet and funny and cheering you up automatically.

Whish you much strength!!!

Grüßle, Sophina

"Lächeln ist die eleganteste Art, seinen Gegnern die Zähne zu zeigen."
~ Werner Finck ~
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BeitragThema: Re: Finally   

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